Corporate Walkathon Challenges for Employee Wellbeing

HealthTime.Fit enables corporates for health and fitness challenges for employees. Easy and simple for administrators to manage.

Why HealthTime.Fit?

We are focused on corporate wellbeing. Enables active lifestyle for employees, wellbeing culture in corporate and office. Uplift employees’ engagement and communication with fellow colleagues.

A leading employee wellbeing programme designed to transform your workplace.

The HealthTime App

Used by employees to start personal fitness and view corporate leaderboard.

No wearables required

No mandatory wearables required. Employees can track their steps only from phone as well.

For android & iOS

Support both iOS and android phones with latest support. Download from play store or app store


Steps challenge

Easy to setup and start a challenge in your corporate. You can start a free trial at your convenience or request a call back from us. Fill in the form below. Administrator portal helps setting up the challenges, inviting your colleagues and tracking the competition performance. This is the most employee and administrative centric wellbeing programme.

Setup your walkathon

Let’s bring your employees together. Get fitter together

How it works:

  • Signup your account with corporate email id
  • Once you are in, setup your walkathon competition
  • There are two options to choose from Team based competition or individual based
  • Enter start date, end date, prize, rules etc
  • Invite your employees to join the walkathon
  • Employees signup on the app and automatically in the walkathon
  • Employees can view their team, rules and all the information set by the administrator
  • Once the competition if finished, No further action is required
  • How simple is that?

app & portal

Do everything in the HealthTime app & portal

App and administrative portal are integrated together for employees and challenge admin. Simple way to setup and invite your employees. Get healthier together.
HealthTime App & Portal

HealthTime app

  • Setup challenge in the HealthTime portal

  • Employees signup with their corporate email id

  • Supports iOS and Android phones

HealthTime Portal

  • For challenge administrator – create, manage & track

  • No commitment – FREE Trial

  • No hidden cost for employees or admin


Track your Steps digitally

iOS, Android, Apple health, GoogleFit and more

  • Free access to the portal and apps
  • Connect applehealth and googlefit
  • Sync your steps during the walkathon
  • Track your position in the leaderboard
  • Live team’s performance
HealthTime steps


How a step challenge works

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For organisers
Customising your step challenge

When you create your account you'll have access to our Challenge Admin area and Challenge Creator. This will give you the ability to build and launch as many step count challenges as you like and have access to all of your participants' information and reporting data.

The admin area allows you to:

  • Create, edit and manage your own challenges
  • View and download participant information
  • Add, edit and delete teams
  • and much more
For participants
Step tracker apps, fitbit integration, website access, and more!

When you launch your challenge using the Challenge Creator, you will instantly have access to a landing page where your participants can sign up and access the challenge itself.

Participants have free access to the website and Apple and Google mobile apps.

Participants can:

  • Create, edit and manage your own challenges
  • View and download participant information
  • Add, edit and delete teams


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