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Nurture your body and broaden your mind with yoga & mindfulness. Enrol for our daily interactive yoga & mindfulness classes and get trained by celebrities’ trainers.


Yoga & Mindfulness Classes at Home with HealthTime.Fit

Adopt a holistic approach to health with exclusive workouts that are a combination of yoga & mindfulness.

Online Classes

Workout everyday at home or on the go with our live classes. All that you need is Internet and smartphone/laptop to get started.

Learn from International Trainers

Practice mindfulness with International Trainers. This is not just a live class, this is an EXPERIENCE IN ITSELF.

Multiple Levels

Start with basic yogasanas and meditation or learn the advanced forms, we have multiple levels to help you achieve your goals.

Focus on Overall Health & Wellbeing

Everyday classes with the instructor focus on mind, body, and soul for your overall wellbeing.


Get access to unlimited Yoga and Zumba classes for 7 days.


Unlimited Classes

Get unlimited access to our more than 80+ live & interactive classes and start your wellbeing journey today with no lock-in period.

What do we Cover?

HealthTime.Fit is focused to deliver an exclusive experience with celebrities’ trainers and thoughtfully crafted yoga & mindfulness programs.

Yoga classes for beginner students


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level student, our Yoga classes are designed to benefit all.

Intermediate Classes for students and teacher


For us, Yoga is more than asanas. That’s why we have healing and meditation sessions happening every day.

Yoga classes for beginner students

Deep Relaxation

As it says, it is the deepest relaxation you can achieve throughout your day in this class.

Learn from our expert teachers

Practise Yoga, Mindfulness, Deep relaxation classes with Celebrities' and international trainers. Relax your body and focus your mind with everyday online classes.

Select your plan to Start Your Journey

All plans comes with live and interactive classes for beginners and advanced. Cancel anytime, no questions asked!


A$ 0

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  • No credit card required
  • Forever free
  • 1 class every sunday
  • Yoga, mindfulness and deep relaxation
  • Entry to walkathorn comps, Cash prizes
  • Experts curated content


A$ 19.99

Select Plan
  • Monthly billing
  • 80+ Classes, 45-60 min/class
  • Yoga, mindfulness, deep relaxation classes
  • Entry to walkathorn comps, Cash prizes
  • ....
  • ....


A$ 69.99

Select Plan
  • Monthly billing
  • 80+ Classes, 45-60 min/class
  • Yoga, mindfulness, deep relaxation classes
  • 1 On-demand consultation
  • 1 Month Dietitian Access
  • Entry to walkathorn comps, Cash prizes

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"I've really enjoyed these mindfulness sessions with Eknath. After my first session I was amazed at how relaxed and calm I felt not to mention the good night's sleep I had that night. I would absolutely recommend these sessions to relieve stress and anxiety and find some calm. It's a real treat!"

- Amber Bramdaw (Early Childhood Administrator, Melbourne)
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